Google Chrome Firefox Vista Theme

| Sunday, July 5, 2009

Google Chrome Firefox Vista Theme

Download Google Chrome Firefox Vista Theme

IE7 Google Chrome Theme with Vista/Aero look


IE7 Google Chrome Theme with Vista/Aero look

Download Internet Explorer Google Chrome Theme

Chrome Theme – Black Windows Live


Chrome Theme - Black Windows Live

Download Black Windows Live Chrome Theme

XChrome – A Google Chrome Theme Manager


XChrome - A Google Chrome Theme Manager

What is XChrome?

XChrome is a theme manager for Googles Chrome browser, it allows users to install a skin in seconds without having to move default.dll around and it allows you to view the author and various other details before installing.

XChrome also allows users who do not have XChrome install to install themes by double clicking the themes .exe file, they are prompted to install the theme, they agree the theme is copied to Chromes Default.dll

Fixes :
o now works with .29 of Chrome (i have changed the way the google dir is found, it should now work with future versions)
o Chrome going red after default.dll is Touched
o After clicking install on a few theme it installed into Xchrome manager but not into Chrome itself.

Added Features:
o Theme Webpage now links the user to the webpage by a click rather than needing to type the url manually into browser.
o Gets Chrome version and path from the registry
o Improved serveral routines.

Download XChrome

Create Chrome Themes with Chromium Theme Creator


Create Chrome Themes with Chromium Theme Creator

With this tool, to build the themes\default.dll file is far from a click.

Since the previous GChromeRES is slow and image names not well described, I made an alternative way, so this is it.

First and foremost -> Requirements:

GoRC.exe by Jeremy Gordon


ResHacker.exe by Angus Johnson

These files must be in the same directory where you’re going to extract this tool.

How to use:

– The zip file has PNG files in separate directories, you just edit them, and build with this tool.
– Test button to automatically replace the default.dll with the built one, so theme’s path must be correct.
– With Build+Test, is a shortcut for those actions, without the need to answer any questions.
Added Drag&Drop feature for dragging “default.dll” and dropping it in order to replace default.dll in Chrome’s path and after that Launch it.

Note: images or icons must not be moved from their directories, so once completed a theme design, backup those files to start another one…

However, if you want to modify the folder tree, just arrange them and modifiy default.rc file according to that.

I tested in WinXP and Vista, with Chromium and Google Chrome respectively, since this is a beta release, some bugs might be found.

Download Google Chrome Theme Creator

Chrome Addon: AdBlock for Google Chrome


Well, this isn’t exactly an addon. But by following the below given steps, you’ll be able to block ads in Google Chrome.

  1. Download and install Privoxy.
  2. Click on the Wrench icon in Chrome in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose options>Under The Hood>Change proxy settings.
  4. In the Internet Properties dialog’s Connections tab, click on the LAN settings button.
  5. Check off “Proxy settings” and in the address setting add and in the port 8118.
  6. If you have the option, you can also check off “Bypass proxy for local settings”.
  7. Click “OK,” close Chrome and restart it.

via Geek Zone

Chrome addon: Greasemetal – Greasemonkey for Chrome


What is Greasemetal?

Greasemetal is a userscript runtime for Google Chrome. The runtime hosts userscripts (tiny javascript files that modify the webpages being displayed) to be executed on Google Chrome, similar to what Greasemonkey does for Mozilla Firefox, or Greasekit does for Safari.

How does it Work?

Google Chrome does not provide any interface to develop browser addons. Greasemetal modifies the behaviour of Google Chrome using an inter-process communication channel called AutomationProxy, which is used for automatically testing the functions of the web browser.

Using Greasemetal

To start using Greasemetal, download and execute the installer.
After installation, launch Greasemetal from the start menu. Greasemetal will in turn start up Google Chrome, while hooking its behaviours to insert userscripts.
Once you have started running Greasemetal, add userscripts to the userjs directory under your My Documents folder (or Documents folder on Windows Visa). If you are unfamiliar with userscripts, a number of scripts are available from

Download Greasemetal